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Our world leading Specialist
Prof. Paulo Eduardo Stanga

One of the most qualified surgeons in vitreoretinal surgery and disease, our Director of Retina, and Consultant Ophthalmologist Professor Stanga is a leading expert in his field. Prof. Stanga practices within the private sector, treating patients of all ages who suffer from a range of conditions affecting the back of the eye.

Florencia Villar

Clinic Manager

Sebastian Stanga

Assistant Clinic Manager

Dr Andrea Saladino

Clinical and Research Retina Fellow

Kay Domaskin

Lead Vitreoretinal Nurse

Ursula Reinstein

Clinical Trials Coordinator & Research Associate

Yvonne O’Neill

Clinical Trials & Research Assistant

Helena Stanga

Clinic Administrator

Cruz Quesada

Retina Optometrist

Ruth Goddard

Lead Clinical Trials Coordinator

Our Consultants

Prof. Susan Downes

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Prof. William Ayliffe

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Dr Zeb Tariq

Consultant Anaesthetist