Your Surgery day

On leaving home please:

  • Ensure you are not wearing any face makeup or cream
  • Ensure you have eaten a large breakfast or lunch.
  • Bring along the details of your pacemaker or internal heart device, if you have one.
  • Bring insulin with you, if you are diabetic as we do not have any in the clinic.
  • Bring a friend/family member with you to help you get home, as you will not be able to drive.

Before your surgery

On your arrival, you will be directed by one of the Clinic Coordinators at the front reception where to wait. You will be able to relax in the waiting area and help yourself to any refreshments.

You will then be called in to see Prof. Stanga to go through the consent forms if not done in advance, to discuss the steps of your procedure and answer any new questions you may have.

Following your discussion, you will be taken to meet the Nurse in the Relaxation Room where they will dilate your eyes with drops. This normally takes between 10-30 minutes and can take longer in patients with dark irises. They will talk you through and administer your pre-operative medication, and explain which medication you will need to self-administer after surgery. The Nurse will then leave you to relax for approximately 1 hour before you are taken through to the theatre.

The Anaesthetist will come and introduce his/herself to you and ask you to reconfirm any existing medication you may be taking. He/she will then insert a cannula (a small tube) into a vein in your forearm or in the back of your hand. They will explain what will happen next, what you will hear, feel and see and reassure you that you will not suffer any pain.

Please inform us in advance if you unable to lie flat on your back.

During your surgery

You will be taken into the operating room and positioned on the surgery bed. Depending on the type of surgery you are having, the Nurse will position you accordingly. Once comfortable, the anaesthetist will administer the required sedation.

Prof. Stanga, a Nurse and the Anaesthetist will be present throughout the whole procedure.

After your surgery

Following your surgery, you will be taken back to the Relaxation Room where you can rest for around 1 hour until ready to go home. The Nurse will come in to check your blood pressure is stable and healthy before you leave. Once you have confirmed your next appointment with the Clinic Coordinators at reception, you are able to head home with your friend/family member.

What happens next?

Prof. Stanga will see you post-operatively, as arranged, to check your recovery and progress. We will schedule the required follow-up appointments as determined by Prof. Stanga.

Prof Paulo E. Stanga
Consultant Ophthalmologist & Vitreoretinal Surgeon
Medical & Surgical Retina, Cataract Surgery, Eye Trauma
R&D New Therapies, Imaging, Laser & Surgical Tech

For appointments please call: 020 4548 5310