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What is Clinical Imaging?

At The Retina Clinic London, Prof. Stanga and his team have worked closely with industry over the years to ensure that our patients have access to the latest and best in clinical imaging technology for the eye. We are lucky to have only the cutting-edge equipment that is not available in even many university teaching hospitals. Moreover, through Prof. Stanga’s close links with industry, in many instances we have prototypes of imaging devices with advanced capabilities so that our patients can benefit from the information they provide before they have reached the market.

It is no surprise that we are in this fortunate position given that Prof. Stanga has always been a pioneer in ophthalmic clinical imaging (OCT) as shown by his work to introduce Optical Coherence Tomography imaging into the clinical setting in the UK in 1998. This seminal work led to the adaption of OCT throughout the ophthalmic clinical setting and now OCT imaging is one of the most standard tests during even a basic eye check-up at your local optician.